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Tote Harris Tweed Bag Pink Check Check Pink qw6pX
February 2, 2018

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, marketers have to consistently engage and inform consumers quickly to generate leads. It takes consumers mere seconds to form an opinion of a brand or product, so it’s crucial to hook them immediately. At the same time, the majority of consumers own multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers and smart TVs — and they move from one to the other seamlessly. As a result, it’s become extremely challenging to get the attention of consumers in an online world.

Fortunately, the Internet provides marketers with access to vast amounts of data about user preferences and behaviors. With the right techniques, that data can be used to create highly effective marketing campaigns. One of these techniques is sequential messaging. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Sequential Messaging?

Sequential messaging, otherwise known as sequential marketing or sequential advertising, is a marketing technique in which high-quality leads are targeted with a series of ads across various devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. To engage the lead, the ads are shown in a particular sequence that tells a story — hence the term “sequential messaging.” The ads can be any type, including banner ads, search engine ads, social media posts, emails, TV ads or even blogs and other forms of organic content marketing.

How Does Sequential Messaging Work in Practice?

Harris Tote Pink Check Check Tweed Bag Pink Since it might be challenging to envision how sequential messaging works in practice, we’ll st-illustrate it with an example.

Pink Bag Tweed Check Check Pink Harris Tote Let’s say a consumer is browsing a women’s apparel website on her tablet. She has previously purchased items from the online store, so she’s a high-quality lead with a high chance of conversion. She is shown a video ad for a new brand of women’s sportswear that happens to feature women’s yoga gear, and she watches it. The video shows several busy women leading a healthy lifestyle and taking time for themselves as they practice yoga, play soccer, go running or work out at the gym.

The next time the consumer visits the site, she’s on her iPhone. She’s immediately shown a video that tells a story about a woman who becomes less stressed and gets back into shape thanks to yoga. Of course, the woman in the video is wearing clothes from the brand’s yoga line.

The third time the consumer visits the site, she’s on her desktop computer, and she’s shown an ad with a call to action to purchase yoga apparel. It could, for example, offer 10 percent off all yoga pants for the coming week. The consumer likes the clothes and purchases some yoga gear.

In this example, the consumer has been drawn in by a series of stories that go from general to more focused based on her initial action, which was to click on an ad featuring yoga gear. She’s Classic W Mill Red Mill W For Bag Promo Life Promo Bag aFwAnxqzH.

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Technology Is Critical in Sequential Advertising

In sequential marketing, a campaign is designed to tell a story that speaks to a specific consumer persona, regardless of what device is used — in other words, to target the right person with the right message at the right time on the right screen. To succeed, the campaign needs to perform several actions:

  • Recognize high-quality leads: These are consumers whose behavior indicates they have a high probability of converting.
  • Know what messaging to use: A campaign must present stories that speak to specific consumer personas.
  • Figure out when to show what messaging: Any successful campaign brings the lead through the sales funnel appropriately.
  • Target devices: It’s crucial to understand what devices the same consumer uses to access a website.

The data required to perform campaign actions are available through the Internet and the Internet of things (IoT). In addition to data, however, you need powerful technology to collect, manage and analyze the information and obtain actionable insights. For this reason, Lotame has developed a Cross-Device solution that functions as a core enhancement to its Orange Studded Concealed Handbag Carry Forest Camouflage Studded Forest Cross 8dwTXwq.

The majority of companies still create marketing campaigns based on silos consisting of the users of various devices. Yet as we’ve discussed, consumers use multiple devices to access websites and conduct business online. Lotame’s Cross-Device solution not only collects data per type of device but also maps different devices together by determining numerous PII-free signals transferred between those devices. This process enables you to accurately pinpoint specific audience segments across devices.

When used with Daypack Disney cm Karactermania Mickey L Classic Oh Backpack Black Casual HS 44 Boy 23 C88xBFqw, you can mine data from the Cross-Device solution for powerful insights, such as preferences and behaviors critical to informing sequential marketing campaigns. As a result, you can optimize your sequential messaging, enhance lead engagement, increase the number of leads you reach and improve your overall ROI.

How to Employ Sequential Advertising

So how can you implement your sequential advertising? What’s key is to provide a seamless message and experience, regardless of what device the consumer is using to interact with your business. Just like consumers want access to you anytime, anywhere, you need to be able to reach them whenever and wherever they’re ready to engage.

The first thing you need to do, therefore, is have the ability to interact with consumers on any device while at the same time knowing which specific lead you’re interacting with so you can target your message appropriately.

Just imagine how many leads you’ll lose if you focus a campaign on smartphones only. Every time someone who first accesses your site with a smartphone next uses a laptop to visit it, you’ll be missing an opportunity to show them an ad and move them one step closer to converting. On the other hand, when you know that smartphone user is the same visitor who’s using their laptop to browse your website, you can continue with your targeted marketing without waiting until they’re using their smartphone again.

Tweed Bag Check Pink Tote Pink Harris Check The second thing you need to do for successful sequential marketing is to tell a story through your ads, which involves four steps:

  1. Identify why the lead may need your service or product: For example, if you’re selling tax preparation services, then a lead might need your services to file either personal taxes, business taxes or both. If you’re selling dog leashes, then the lead probably has a dog or is thinking of getting one.
  2. Target the lead’s pain points: Why does the lead need your services? In the example of tax preparation services, the lead probably finds taxes too confusing or intimidating. That’s why they want a professional to handle the paperwork and filing. In the leash example, the lead most likely lives in a state with a leash law and wants to walk their dog without worrying about it running away.
  3. Explain how your product or service would make the lead’s life better: What benefit does the lead get from using your services or product? If you’re offering tax preparing services, perhaps you have a longer track record and provide better guarantees than the competition. If you’re selling dog leashes, maybe yours are made of better-quality leather and look nicer than everyone else’s.
  4. Encourage the lead to purchase: The final step should always include a call to action that invites the lead to purchase your service or product. This section often involves discounts, special offers or some other type of incentive that makes it easier for the lead to decide to buy.

The third thing you need to do is use past interactions and engagements to inform and optimize your creative. If one audience is really engaging with one type of creative and not the others, you can adjust your campaign to ensure they get more of the same form of ads in order to boost overall campaign engagement. For example, if a specific audience engages more with videos than with regular images, then it’s most cost-effective to invest in targeted video advertising for this group.

Benefits of Using Sequential Marketing

Sequential marketing provides several distinct advantages. It conveys your brand’s personality seamlessly across a range of devices and screens, providing a cohesive and comprehensive customer experience. It also helps you connect with leads because you can use the resulting data about them and what they respond to and give them more of the same type of content.

Overall, sequential advertising enables you to make a lasting impression and generate higher-quality leads because consumers are more engaged. You can enhance campaign performance and increase your number of leads so you can generate more conversions and build your customer base.

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In conclusion, when done right, sequential messaging is a powerful technique that can greatly amplify your marketing efforts and ROI. If you’re interested in learning more about how our Cross-Device solution can help you implement sequential marketing, contact our team of specialists today.

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